Keller Williams Realty App

   Dynamic Map: Add a pinpoint or draw a perimeter to see nearby homes for sale, open houses, or rental properties.

  Custom Searches: Add search filters like price, neighborhood, number of beds, open houses, and more.

  Stay In The Know: Get notified of new real estate listings that meet your exact search criteria

  Find an Agent: Not already working with an agent? Find an KW agent and send property inquiries instantly.

  Get Local: See what schools and other points of interest nearby.

  Anytime Access: Save searches and listings, including notes or added property photos, across all your devices.

  Share information: Easily share homes through text, email, Facebook or Twitter.

  Full-screen Photo Gallery: Scroll through vivid, full-screen photos of homes.

  Be Calculated: Free mortgage calculator to estimate home loan and monthly payments.

HomeSnap App

HomeSnap is a trusted real estate search platform for people to explore homes and search MLS real estate listings online or from a mobile phone. Homesnap is powered by a specialized homes database that combines hundreds of disparate sources of data, including MLS real estate databases representing over 75% of America’s homes, property tax records, census data, geographic boundaries, property polygons, school information, mortgage rates and more. Homesnap features homes for sale, open houses, recent sales, and house values for every home in the United States.

New Features
   Search for homes by school attendance zone
   Search for open houses by open house date

Key Features
   20% more agent listings than national portals
   Access the same data used by REALTORS®
  Built-in private messaging and sharing

For Buyers & Sellers
Search for your next home with help from the important people in your life. Chat with anyone, whether they’re using Homesnap or not. Every home you mention is saved and updated in real-time.

HomeKeepr App

HomeKeepr app helps you make tough decisions and take better care of your home. The app offers you to customize home maintenance schedules, pick maintenance vendors, and get manuals for your appliances just by scanning the barcode on them.

HomeKeepr is a home maintenance app that offers timely reminders about the required tasks needed to keep your home in top shape. It creates a personalized maintenance calendar for your home and connects you with trusted, professional, and local contractors. 

App help you create a fully customized home maintenance calendar based on answers you give to a few simple questions. We follow up with you monthly by sending maintenance reminders directly to your phone along with advice on how to handle them.

If you were invited by a real estate agent, HomeKeepr provides an incredibly convenient directory filled with recommendations of their favorite home service providers (plumbers, landscapers, etc) and local businesses (restaurants, salons, etc). 

Keller Williams Realty, Inc. is a real estate franchise company. Each Keller Williams office is independently owned and operated. Keller Williams Realty, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports the Fair Housing Act.

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